Value of the Dollar


    The value of the dollar used to be based on the strength of our economy. Now it is supported by the strength of our military. That is not a sustainable model. We used to pay for our wars. Accordingly, in 1944 the top tax brackets peaked at 94%. War is expensive. Now we put the trillions of war costs on an ever expandable, out of sight credit card, at the same time, mortgaging our future to places like China. While our allies and our enemies invest in capturing global market share, our Congress is depleting our economy with continued military escalation. Who is the enemy? Russia? China? Who came up with the idea this year to restart the Cold War and spend an additional trillion dollars to "revitalize" the U.S. nuclear arsenal?

     Congress has also defined the enemy as terrorism. Who are the terrorists? And where have they attacked? Yes, NYC on 9-11 but also Oklahoma City and Sandy Hook to the point where the FBI reports "active shooter" senseless mass killings at school, workplace and other public areas have tripled in the past few years taking many more American lives than international terrorists. There is genocide throughout the world. There are 10 major wars going on right now. One of them is the war on drugs. Tax payers fund that war. We fund the drug cartels and the contras that send refugees streaming to America.

     Like “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” “terrorism” is an abstraction intended to gain public support for a political agenda that has nothing to do with security or actually hurts our security. We have incited old sectarian hatreds and armed both sides in different conflicts around the world. We have made ourselves hated in many parts of the world and thus made ourselves the target. Isn't it time for some sanity in our foreign policy?! It is time to re-build our economy. My opponent John Kline has spent decades advocating for senseless wars that have only hurt our security. I am advocating for peace, an end to the violence, and a prosperous economy. It's a clear choice.