To America's Future

Water is life. Water is Minnesota's most precious resource.

We don't need a voice in Washington that would trade Minnesota's north shore to a corrupt foreign mining company with the worst labor and safety record in the industry.

The threat of climate change is very real, but to many, seems too remote for immediate action. The violent impact of our militarism is immediate. War is the most destructive force on the planet, and the military is the largest single consumer of fossil fuels.

We don't need a voice in Washington that supports massive increases in our military budget, already more than sixty percent of our federal budget.

The pandemic has shown us the lack of resiliency in our healthcare system, and emphasized the growing inequality of wealth in America.

We don't need a voice in Washington that opposes the expansion of health care in our society, even promoting the privatization of our existing medicare services.

We need voices in Washington that will promote the strength of our communities; the safety, health, and economic security of our citizens; and the future of our planet. When you vote for Paula Overby for U.S. Senate, you are that voice.


Paula Overby

Candidate for U.S. Senate