special update

Special Update:

The Legal Marijuana Now Party candidate Adam C. Weeks in US congressional district two passed away unexpectedly on September 21, 2020. It is a tragic loss. Adam was a friend to all and we will miss him. Adam believed in legalizing marijuana and ending the war on drugs. The Legal Marijuana Now party is committed to respecting his legacy.

The Secretary of States office announced that a special election will be held, Tuesday, February 9 2021, according to Minnesota State law, so that Legal Marijuana Now can endorse a new candidate.

We have appointed Paula Overby by member consensus who will be on the ballot Tuesday, February 9, 2021 in the upcoming special election for voters in Minnesota US congressional district two. Candidate Overby is a longtime cannabis defender and a vocal proponent to end the war on drugs. In addition, Paula has a strong track record of defending fair and open elections. https://www.PaulaOverby.com

Sadly, Candidate Angie Craig has filed a lawsuit attempting to overturn the state law in order to disfranchise voters and continue the election in November. We expect the lawsuit to fail and do expect a special election in February. In the meantime we encourage you to vote for Adam Weeks if you support marijuana reform and you believe elections should be decided by the will of the people and not by court judges.

The following is a press conference featuring Paula Overby with a response to Angie Craig's lawsuit