Meet Paula

I'm a member of the working class. I've worked in manufacturing as a union member and I've been on strike. We are not rewarding hard work anymore. I know the experience of working people with wages that can't keep up with the soaring cost of housing, education and health care. We can do better.

There is no longer a major party that supports the working class. 70% of Americans know the system is rigged against them. Pledges and promises are not enough. We need strong advocates for social policy to stand against the big money in politics.

I support the movement for a peoples party. Dialogue is essential to democracy. It's time for real choice at the ballot box.

I support a peace time economy: social investment over excessive war budgets, economic strength and economic justice over militarism and imperialism

I am a strong advocate for universal health care and an end to government subsidies for HMO's and drug companies.

I am a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis with a BA in psychology and a second major in computer science. My principle career was in quality assurance as a data analyst. At the same time I was a mother raising three children.

As a quality assurance analyst, I understand the value of quality process.

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