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I am a member of the working class. I've worked in manufacturing as a union member and I've been on strike. We are not rewarding hard work anymore. I've lived the experience of working people with wages that can't keep up with the soaring cost of housing, education and health care. We can do better.  I'm a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in psychology and a second major in computer science. As a full time working mother of three, I had a successful career as a systems analyst with experience in quality assurance, data analysis and process design.  At present I am thrilled to an IT Director in Education.

I've worked with minor parties since 2014. My endorsement speech in 2014 focused on the corporate take over of America.  Since leaving the two-party establishment in 2014 I've focused on political process reform and building a political movement that can successfully challenge the politics of wealth and the incumbency lock of the two major parties. Paula has maintained a consistent track record:, opposing the endless wars that threaten the environmental future of our planet and challenging the corporate profiteering that has severely undermined America's healthcare system.

We are told we can’t win, but we are winning. Obtaining major party status with the coalition in 2018 has expanded ballot access and confirmed the influence of early adopters who will continue to expand this movement.  A growing percentage of Americans recognize that two political bureaucracies in Washington are no longer representing the American people.  I am proud to represent the Legal Marijuana Now party in our efforts to end another American war: The War on Drugs.

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