Is Money in Politics about campaign finance?


I am running for U.S. Senate against Amy Klobuchar. I am positioned against her according to the three fastest rising costs in America today…war, health care, and education. We can reduce spending on endless wars, nearly 2/3 of our budget, and invest in health care reform and education… for the future strength of our economy.

Like a majority of voters, I believe that we need a strong third party movement to address the polarization and gridlock in our two party system.

It’s less about Paula and more about our election process and the enormous influence of money in politics.

It’s very difficult for 3rd parties to engage the public and challenge the messaging of marketing campaigns from the major parties.

Paula isn't even listed in the Star Tribune voter guide. Minnesota Public Radio would not include Paula in their state fair debate between Amy Klobuchar and Jim Neuberger.

Paula was at the state fair all 12 days talking to voters and never once heard from the media.

MinnPost published an interview with Angie Craig where she states that Paula was the reason she lost in 2016…

We refute that claim. We’ve looked at the data too.

We know that Paula's vote comes from disenfranchised voters from both sides of the isle. We shared that response with MinnPost

Minnpost refused to print our response. They continue to support the spoiler narrative, ignoring the fact that Independent voters have no voice in the political discussion.

That’s unacceptable

I’d like to say to anyone who has never voted or perhaps given up on voting.

This campaign is a unique opportunity

I’m asking people to come out an voted on November 6th

I want people to know that 5% is a victory, a real path to real reform.

And that’s what we need!