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Join Green Party Members, excited to support Paula Overby in her campaign for U.S. Senate!

Paula has long been a passionate advocate for independent, progressive politics and now that she has joined the Green Party, together we have the chance to make history. Paula is a proud working-class candidate and will give a voice to the Green Party's Four Pillars this year.

- A strong supporter of union rights, single-payer health care, and ending the war on drugs, Paula will promote the pillar of Social and Economic Justice.

- Paula's advocacy for public financing of campaigns, proportional representation, and an equal voice for independent voters demonstrates the pillar of Grassroots Democracy.

- The pillar of Ecological Wisdom guides Paula's support for green jobs, renewable energy, and ending our reliance on fossil fuels.

- Paula offers innovative policies in the area of Nonviolence - a critical pillar at the Federal level - in her advocacy of closing military bases, and converting war spending to social investment.

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