Delegate basics

Caucus! Tuesday February 4, 2014, 7pm!

It all starts here!

This is YOUR GATEWAY to the DFL – Minnesota’s Democratic Party!


What’s a caucus?

Precinct caucuses are local neighborhood meetings organized by Minnesota’s political parties to:

  1. Begin the process of selecting candidates for the 2014 election.
  2. Begin the debate to determine party positions on important issues.


Why caucus?

  1. Elect Grassroots local party leaders.
  2. Debate and vote on issues important to you, on which you think your party needs to take a stand (These are called Resolutions.)
  3. Participate in Preference Polls for candidates for President or Governor.
  4. Become a Delegate – representing the members of your caucus – at a local convention where the party selects its candidates for the fall election.


Why be a Delegate to a local convention?

  1. To support your candidate of choice.
  2. Support issues that are important to you and help to ensure they become part of the party platform.
  3. Opportunity to discuss issues of interest to you with candidates


OK, how do I become a Delegate to my local convention?

  1. SIGN UP at your caucus!  That’s usually all it takes in suburban or rural districts.  If more people sign up than there are delegate spots, you may need to get elected.
  2. GET ELECTED – Tell the people in your caucus why you would like to represent them. Let them know what motivates your involvement.  They will vote.  Many activists love to encourage new participants. They may just vote for you in a heartbeat!
  3. SEND A LETTER – If you just can’t get to your caucus, you can ask by letter to be a delegate to your local convention.  The DFL can help you with this process.


I’m in! Where do I Caucus?


Caucuses are held in hundreds of locations across Minnesota – including a location near your home! They are open to EVERYONE!  Come! Bring a Friend!


Find your caucus location at:

Minnesota Secretary of State:                     



Remember, it all starts when

YOU attend YOUR Caucus on Feb 4th!