callhub text

1) You will receive an email invite to callhub - follow the instructions to set up your account. When you first login it will show that you are not assigned to any campaigns.




2) Update your profile settings. 


3) When you are assigned to a campaign you will get another email notification.  We may send you a text as well.


4) login to Callhub with the username and password from step 1


4) The texting tab should be highlighted and you should see a box for the campaign. Click on start


5) Read the Campaign Brief which provides instructions about this campaign. Then click the start button to begin.


6) There are two tabs Pending and Chats.  Send text from the Pending tab by clicking the send tab.  The message is already formatted and appears in the message box next to the send button.  I suggest you send 50 to 100 text messages and then allow some time for replies.  You can do other things while you are waiting or just check back in 30 or 40 minutes.  (the count in the orange circle next to Pending shows how many recipients remain to send to).  You can send text messages between 9AM and 9PM.


8) on the Chats tab you can review responses and send replies if needed. Do not engage in conversations.  Encourage them to send their questions to [email protected] (use the saved response "Questions".

Replies will appear at the top of the list and should be marked with an orange dot.  Click on the name you want to reply to. You can type a response next to the send button or you can use the + sign to fill the message box from a list of saved responses.  Just click on the response you want to send and then click the send button to reply.  If a user replies stop, or remove me, or some other profanity, click the opt out button.  A message box will appear.  Click opt out button to send the reply. 


9) Here is a view of the list of preformatted responses.  Just click on the response you want to send.


10) Have fun! Remember to be polite and courteous!