At the Crossroads

B for Bernie. But Bloomberg also starts with B. Two diametrically opposed positions running for the same DNC endorsement.  How could the party of the people possibly be making exceptions for a self-funded billionaire to be on the same debate stage with Bernie Sanders.  There has been an enormous migration of wealth in the United states over the past 50 years.  While the 1% consumes nearly all of the wealth and the military budget continues to swell, the average person struggles to pay rent, access healthcare, keep up with rising debt, or even pay for an education.

We are clearly at a crossroads in American history, and we will soon discover which direction the DNC will decide to endorse. The people have spoken, and we will soon discover if the progressive movement will hold the line.  No major social reform has come without conflict.  While Bernie Sanders represents the political revolution, Our Revolution, the media conceals a less obvious class war in America: the opioid crisis, increased alcoholism, rising suicide rates, school shootings, people dying for lack of medications and healthcare, even the growing assault on our environment.

Clearly, as Bloomberg's appearance on the democratic debate stage affirms,  the billionaire class is not ready for peace talks.  The progressive movement must hold the line.