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Dear Citizens;

The minimum wage impact is so minuscule it's like adding drops of hot water to a tub of cold water hoping it will get warm enough for a bath. We have a $17 trillion dollar federal deficit. A 1.7 trillion dollar budget deficit to add to it every year. Students have a trillion dollars in student loan debt and there is another five or six hundred billion in credit card debt. Our accounting methods are completely invalid based entirely on consumption and assuming an infinite supply. There have been two major market crashes in the last 15 years. The dot com crash in 2000 and the sub prime mortgage crisis in 2008 It takes middle class investors six or seven years to recover from each crash. Unregulated money markets create this shift in wealth.A $15 minimum wage is just drops of hot water in a very cold economy but it would give some temporary relief to millions of Americans. The following chart illustrates why the middle class is losing ground.


Imagine you invested $100,000 in a 401K in 2000. You lost 50% in the dot com crash. In the recovery you doubled your investment for a 100% return. Then you lost 50% in the sub prime mortgage crash but again in the recovery you doubled your investment for a 100% return. In 15 years you've gained nothing even though your annualized rate of return is 6.5%.
(-50 + -50 + 100 + 100) / 15 = 6.67. With this type of money market, wealth will continue to shit to the 1% and poverty will continue to grow as that wealth puts pressure on the cost of living.


We need a major shift in priorities in Washington!




Paula M Overby, changing the dialogue of American politics

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    Flip a Coin



         Bill Maher has focused national attention on Minnesota's Second district with an aggressive assault against our current house representative. There is a presumption that if a Republican is the problem then a Democrat must be the solution but problems in Washington run much deeper than that. Red or Blue, Washington is about Wall Street, focused on wealth and profits. That's good for a few wealthy investors but has not produced economic prosperity for the general population. For decades we have seen our local economies consumed by Corporate operations with declining wages and jobs disappearing overseas. Millennials know that they are not expected to do as well at their parents. That's not right.


         In 2014, citizens of Minnesota's Second Congressional District have an opportunity to make a real difference at the polls. Paula Overby is a clear alternative to the political paralysis and polarization of a two party system that has failed to adapt to changing demographics, technology, and economic globalization. 


         Paula Overby stands for government of the people, open government, and restoring local community development and investment that promotes economic sustainability. Paula Overby stands for Personal Freedoms and Civil Liberties, opposing the massive global arms buildup, the costly and violent war on drugs, and our failed military engagements in the Middle East. Social engineering is not the role for congress and government prohibitions are not a solution to complex social issues.


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    Party Values



    Some say that I can not win. Others say that I already have. To believe in the impossible is the determination to make it so. Shall we believe that the failure of our two party system, and the gridlock will be resolved by a one party system. The benefit of course being that we won't have to bother with elections anymore

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